The flu begins and who wins or loses? It depends on what methods of dealing with the insidious virus you use. First of all, it is important to know the differences in influenza from other types of acute respiratory infections. Influenza in both children and adults always begins acutely, with fever, chills, weakness and watery eyes. All other symptoms of the disease, sore throat, cough, strong cold join later. If at this stage you do not begin treatment of influenza then the inflammatory process can spread to the trachea, bronchi, and lungs. Attaching a secondary bacterial flora can cause serious complications.

Fight flu, prevent complications

Minimize work and study. Influenza shows bed rest because when the development of this disease the body is experiencing real stress. Do not load it even more! Keep your feet warm. You can wear soft warm socks (especially when it comes to a sick child), or even attach a heating pad to your feet. This will help with chills and fever, which almost always accompanies the flu. As a Cure For The Common Cold the hydration therapy has also become quite popular. So you can try that

Drink more

A warm drink with flu is necessary. The liquid helps to remove toxins from the body, which generously “endows” its virus in the process of vital activity, and even out the thermoregulation. For the flu it is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of fluid a day. It is best if it is warm tea, herbal decoction or a drink of rose hip. But the juice is better to refrain. They can irritate a sore throat.

Steps against influenza

Isolate the sick person in a separate room, give him individual dishes and a towel. Influenza is a “family” disease, and often one person transmits the virus through the chain to everyone in the home. After all, when sneezing, coughing, or just talking, viruses can fly within a radius of 3 meters or more, and can also be easily transmitted through common household items!

Ventilate the room in which the victim is the flu. Even if a person suffers from chills and fever, airing 3-4 times a day is necessary – it will facilitate breathing and reduce the concentration of influenza viruses in the air. Just take the patient to the next room for a while airing (15-20 minutes).

Humidify the air indoors

It will facilitate breathing, difficult during the flu. This can be done both with the help of household electrical appliances for air humidification, and with the help of “home” means. For example, you can hang a wet terry towel on the back of the bed, or put a basin or a deep bowl filled with clean water near the bed.

Choosing the Drugs

Choose drugs that have not only symptomatic, but also antiviral action. For example, it could be anything, a drug designed to prevent and treat influenza in adults and children, starting at 3 years old. Admission of this drug will reduce the likelihood of possible complications. Cure differs in that it is effective even at the late start of treatment, up to 4 days from the moment of appearance of the first symptoms of the disease. It increases in the human body the number of interferon.  Proteins with high antiviral activity makes it easier for the human body to fight the flu. Along with the hydration treatment, which serves as a simple Cure For The Common Cold this happens to be a very important one.