A diagnostic laboratory or clinical laboratory is really a laboratory where tests done on human clinical examples to obtain details about the healthiness of someone as relating towards the diagnosis, treatment, and protection against disease.

Medical laboratories are called free-standing laboratory or hospital-based laboratory, also known as clinical laboratory, according to its facilities, target clientele, and hospital affiliation. Clinical laboratories represent a place of healthcare which has always gone through major changes due to technological advances and exterior economic pressures. Recently, many new diagnostic techniques and laboratory tests happen to be introduced because of both research around the fundamental pathogenesis of illnesses and the introduction of new methods by themselves. Within this era of technical complexity, healthcare delivery involves different disciplines and specialties. Because the medical detective from the healthcare industry, the laboratory worker comes with an almost limitless selection of possibilities for employment. From manual and traditional ways of performing laboratory procedures, laboratories had grown dramatically in physical size plus the amount of technology offered and also the equipment readily available for accurate and efficient results.

A few of the interesting advancement in laboratory science is performed in molecular biology, sometimes known as “molecular diagnostics” and nanotechnology. The previous usually handles “Polymerase Squence Of Events (PCR)” methods by amplifying DNA segments and also the latter about manipulation of atoms and molecules. Because these technologies become increasingly popular, a few of the laboratory exams are being phase out especially in the area of microbiology as some tips are substituted with PCR techniques. Rise in the amount of dna testing completed in the laboratory within the last years seemed to be noted and likely to rise for in the future. The only real downside of these new innovations is the fact that these procedures are extremely costly.