Adrafinil is acknowledged as a man-made supplement which is hugely helpful in promoting alertness and wakefulness while producing several other impressive benefits. This medication is effectual for mentally demanding tasks and it works similar to Modafinil, another well-known wakefulness improving nootropic. Adrafinil belongs to the category of Eugeroic which is a type of nootropic agent and it helps people fight exhaustion, fatigue, and sleepiness for a long span of time. Due to this characteristic, this medication helps workers who remain engaged in night shifts and who work for an extended period of time. This medication is a smart compound which is devoid of negative side effects unlike other stimulants that belong to this category.

This medication works in a couple of ways. Firstly, it helps in improving the level of neurotransmitter hypo cretin and it increases concentration and wakefulness. Additionally, increased dosage of this compound can result in more attention-stimulating chemicals in your body plus lessens tiredness. Secondly, this concentration-enhancing compound can facilitate your learning process by improving memory and brain attentiveness and this is done by the breakdown of glutamate in your body. Adrafnil capsules are capable of stimulating the discharge of glutamate, thus, improving perceptive abilities and cognitive in human beings.

Proper dosages

The perfect dosage of this medication is between 600 and 1200mg. Moreover, this medication is water-soluble and hence, you can take it with juice or water on your empty stomach. You must take this medication earlier in the day as taking it in the afternoon or evening can disturb your sleep. In addition, initially, you must take this medication in low dosages which you can elevate later on. It is important to take this medication occasionally, as, you can take it on days when you are required to meet strict deadlines or on occasions when you are needed for work for extra hours. You can take it for a couple weeks prior to taking a break for one week.

Remarkable benefits

This medication is renowned for its wakefulness-endorsing properties. According to several studies, this compound can be compared to amphetamine-based drugs, such as Adderall. In the form of a general stimulant, this medication provides you mental and physical energy. Additionally, it improves your short-term memory, reaction time, mental clarity, and focus. These characteristics make it hugely popular with people who suffer from various sleep problems, such as insomnia and sleep apnea. Again, it is also a popular drug with people who suffer from remarkable daytime fatigue and sleep deprivation. This medication is also a superb supplement for people who do shift work or work at night.

Stacking options

Though Adrafinil capsules are effectual on their own, yet they turn out to be effective when stacked with other compounds. This medication stacks pretty well with other nootropics, especially with Noopept plus with racetams, like Piracetam and Phenylpiracetam. Most of the people like to stack it with Noopept as this combination helps in mental work that need deep concentration and attention and for this, you are required to take 150mg of Adrafinil and 10mg of Noopept. You must take this combination in the morning and if you require, you can repeat this stack again or you can prefer to take 10mg of Noopept once or a couple of more times.