Some of us may be scared to hear the word bone grafting and therefore it is necessary that you must have certain basic ideas about it before deciding about the dental implant. Dental bone grafting is on the other hand a very good thing that makes possible to do various dental procedures. Let us share some important information about dental bone grafting.

The size of your tooth to be replaced need to be considered

What is the size and number of your missing teeth for which you are going for dental Implants? Whether it is a single tooth or a multiple set of teeth, they are supported by their respective jaw bones. Depending upon the position of the tooth, the numbers of jaw bones are involved.

Once the teeth are removed then these jaw bones tend to get eroded in due course of time. You have to replace these bones with a bridge that will hold your dental implant. Some time you need to place the bridge where your natural bone and gum is available where you need to create space for your bridge otherwise it will be uncomfortable for you or it may give unpleasant look.

Smaller bone graft

While replacing your single tooth, the dentist will make sure that you do not lose excess bone and he will try to preserve them by using bone grafting procedure. Dentist will place sand like material in place of your missing teeth and keep it protected by using certain adhesive material.  This is a small procedure and for few days you will not miss your teeth. After that it will be replaced by dental implant, which will be held by the bridge.

Medium bone graft

If your tooth is missing for many years then some bone tissue may hinder the dental implant. In such case, more amount of bone grafting will be needed. Some surgeons prefer to use your available bone for this procedure to get the best result. In such case, dentist will create the necessary bridge as per the case and try to integrate with the surroundings. Such graft is done for single tooth or multiple numbers of teeth.

Big bone graft

Those who are having number of missing teeth for several years will lose many of their original bones. In such case, extensive bone grafting will be needed for restoring all the missing teeth.