Whenever people think of the word ‘depression’, they often conjure up thoughts like sadness rather than anything else. It can be harmful at times when you generalize things like sadness along with depression. For some, depression might seem exhaustion and for some others it might be associated with sadness. For some others, it might feel like a smiling face or a person who has gathered everything together but he might be fighting against pain inside – this is called smiling depression.

Before you hurt others feelings without knowing that he might be suffering from smiling depression, here are few facts that you should relate to. Read on the remaining concerns of this article.

Smiling depression – What is it?

The state when you appear happy while you’re actually smiling through the pain and hiding the inner turmoil, this is a state similar to smiling depression. It is a rather major depressive disorder with typical symptoms and due to this there are many who don’t even know that they’re suffering from depression of any kind. People who suffer from smiling depression are often married or partnered, educated or employed. They are usually struggling with anxiety and depression for several years and they have had experience with medication and therapy.

It is not that their professional, public and social lives aren’t suffering as their facade is accomplished and put together. However, behind their mask lie their minds which are fulfilled with worthlessness, despair and inadequacy.

What makes it dangerous?

As per Silverman, there is always a troubling connection between suicide and smiling depression. As against a patient who has very little energy to get out of bed, patients who are chronically depressed are suicidal and report an increased energy might lead them to a suicidal attempt. There are other noteworthy traumatic life changes like divorce, job loss or even instances which predict suicidal attempts in men.

How should they seek help?

Is it possible to create awareness so that you could eliminate the stigma from mental illness? Well, you need to pay more attention to yourself or to your loved ones. Is your loved one giving away his prized possessions or is he trying to withdraw from the society or trying to isolate himself? If any of the aforementioned things are happening, you can seek help of a therapist who can go for a talk therapy to teach you what to do and what not to do.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the ways in which you can treat smiling depression, you should always get help of a therapist who can help you deal with such issues.