While it is very normal throughout the year to have problems with sneezing or allergies, if you suffer from allergies all year long and as a result of this you are unable to leave your home or office without a box of tissues, it is time to consider visiting a medical specialist who can help you. Rather than continuing to deal with consistent allergies or colds and never feeling like you are able to completely get better, when you see an immunologist, they will be able to help you determine what problems you have and what kind of treatment represents the best option to decrease your suffering in regards to your allergies.

Your Current Medication Isn’t Working

One great reason to see an immunology specialist is when your current allergy medication isn’t working. Unfortunately, it is very common for allergy medication to work for an extended period of time and then in some way to stop working. When this happens, patients usually keep trying the same medication for awhile in the hopes that it will begin to be effective again, but this is often not the case. If your normal allergy regimen is no longer able to control the symptoms that you have, it is the perfect time to visit an expert for additional testing and a change of medication.

You Can’t Get Rid of Your Sinus Infections

Chronic sinus infections are another reason to visit an immunologist for help. While everyone is prone to get a sinus infection at some point during the year, if you have sinus infections back to back and are unable to feel better for extended periods of time then there is something wrong. It is easy to fall into the pattern of becoming sick, getting treatment for your sinus infection, and feeling better, only to have this pattern repeat itself again, but when you visit an immunologist, you can finally determine the root cause of your problem and feel better. Regular sinus infections are not normal, nor are they healthy, which is why it’s important to get treatment.

Your primary care doctor will likely recommend you to an immunologist if you have come in multiple times complaining about your allergies or sinus infections, but if they seem reticent to send you to a specialist then it is time to call for help herself. Additionally, if you are not sure why you are having allergies and want to get tested to see what is causing your symptoms, or if you seem to get sick every year without muscle aches or fever then it is time to visit a professional. A skilled immunologist will be able to get to the bottom of your problems so that you can begin feeling better soon.