There are different things that one has to consider if he or she is looking for an answer to this question how to make bones and joints strong.

The first way is to incorporate calcium supplements or calcium-rich foods in the diet. If a person has enough calcium that is essential to keep the health of bones and joints. To ensure that the body is having enough calcium it is necessary to have food with lots of calcium in it. A calcium-rich food may include:

Green leafy vegetable like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, bok choy and kale.

Foods that have calcium as the main source such as cereal, bread, soy products, beverages, orange juice.

Low-fat dairy product including yoghurt, milk is considered as a rich source of Vitamin D and calcium. If one is following a diet that has high salt content and the diet can cause a loss in bone density with regular intake of high sodium meal. In order to eliminate the main factor, one should follow a diet with low sodium and increased intake of food that is rich in potassium that helps to offset the sodium that one might have consumed. Try to avoid the sodium diet and eat food after checking the ingredients mentioned at the back of a packet or can. Potassium-rich food includes fruits and vegetables. Some of which are mentioned below:

Fruits like banana, orange, winter squash.

Vegetables like broccoli, white beans, sweet potatoes or baked potatoes, lentils, halibut, cantaloupe or yoghurt.

There are different Cissus quadrangularis medicinal uses and some of which are listed below:

Cissus Quadrangularis of hadjod has a property of healing, it is mainly used in healing a fracture

  • It has gastro-protective properties.
  • The plant extract helps with toxin digestions
  • Helps to increase appetite.
  • Remove cough from the body
  • Destroys worms and increases pitta
  • Pacifies Vata dosha
  • It is considered good for eyes
  • Increases sexual potency and can be found beneficial in case of infertility issues by increasing the quantity of semen.
  • It can help to relieve pain and reduce inflammation by acting on the body system
  • The extract is known as antiosteoporotic that means it can counter osteoporosis.
  • It is an anti-ulcer supplement that means it decreases the gastric secretions and it is caused by enhancing the glycoprotein levels.
  • Root extract is rich in calcium and phosphorus.